An introduction to Will-writing.

Creating a Will may seem like a very daunting decision, however this really is the best way to ensure that your estate passes according to your wishes and that it is administered by someone that you trust. Everyone should consider making a Will, but this is particularly the case if you have remarried, cohabit with a partner or wish to leave money to a charity. Leathems Solicitors can also advise on complex issues such as any potential liability to inheritance tax, the possibility of any claims being brought against your estate and whether it would be appropriate to create a trust.

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The law relating to Trusts changed substantially in 2006. Whether you are creating, administering or winding up a trust, we can provide expert advice and guidance on both lifetime settlements and Will Trusts, including Relevant property regime settlements, Qualifying interests in possession, Discretionary trusts, Settlements for the disabled, Immediate Post-death interests, and Trusts for bereaved minors or bereaved young people.

Estate administration

The loss of a relative or close friend is always difficult to cope with and even more so when it falls to you to administer their estate. Leathems Solicitors are highly experienced in guiding you through the entire process from checking that any Will left is valid, establishing who is going to administer the estate and contacting asset holders to valuing the estate, filing returns, dealing with taxation and finally distributing the estate to the beneficiaries.

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If you haven't written a Will, your loved ones might not get the inheritence or care that you'd want them to.

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