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One in five married people in Britain get divorced every year. Still more unmarried couples separate. The process can‚ of course‚ be painful and there can be lots of paperwork. Not only that but the arrangements you make surrounding finances‚ property or children can be complex‚ so it’s definitely best to hire a solicitor. Fortunately‚ we’ve got one of the area’s most experienced matrimonial solicitors‚ who can help with every aspect of the process. The average divorce or legal separation process takes about six months. Before it can be finalised (and a “Decree Absolute” issued)‚ you’ll need to come to agreements over children‚ finances and property. This will‚ of course‚ be a very emotional and difficult time but if you can keep things amicable and agree the details before going to court‚ you’ll find it all easier. You’ll also end up paying fewer legal costs. No matter how it pans out‚ we’ll make your divorce as simple and painless as possible.

One in five married people in Britain get divorced every year.

First of all‚ you’ll have to demonstrate that your marriage has broken down irretrievably. To do that‚ one of the following statements has to apply to your situation:

Adultery has taken place

Unreasonable behavior has taken place

There’s been over two years of desertion

There’s been at least two years of separation

Either partner can make the initial application for divorce. The application is called the “Petition‚” the person who makes it is called the “Petitioner”‚ and the other partner is the “Respondent.” Most divorces are undefended and are based on one of the first two statements.

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No matter how it pans out, we'll make your divorce as simple and painless as possible

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